Pickle Juice to Bass-O-Matic: Ten Weirdest Movie and TV Drinks

"Bad Teacher," and "Big Brother 13" on the screen, we at Short Order think you need a drink. So check out the top ten weirdest, most outlandish, and highest "grossing" drinks in movie history.

10. Bill's $10 Shake - Freaks and Geeks
For 10 bucks, Freaks and Geeks' Bill Haverchuck will eat anything -- as long as it's not cut up bits of sponge or dish detergent. After daring him to drink a concoction of their creation, Bill's best friends Sam Weir and Neal Schweiber blend up a tasty mix of cayenne pepper, dairy creamer, sardines, pickle juice, vinegar, jelly, and other family pantry delicacies. Somehow, Bill wins the bet, and even takes a second gulp. For a kid who thinks French kissing is gross, we find him severely misguided. Watch the boys start blending in the clip below at 1:20 (don't mind the swedish subtitles).

9. Romulan Ale - Star Trek
There's nothing particularly bizarre about Romulan Ale on its own. The blue lager from the Star Trek world is simply a colored, light, and fairly generic beer. We don't even find it that odd that there's a whole history behind the ale has an entire history listed on Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki (did you know it was banned from the Federation in the early 2280s?) What we find most intriguing, though, is the fact that it was turned into an energy drink, with 84 mg of caffeine and vitamins in every bottle. Looks like Trekkies on Earth have finally found a way to achieve warp speed.

8. Pepsi and Milk - Laverne and Shirley
One part milk, one part Pepsi... this drink actually isn't that bad. Laverne De Fazio's signature drink on the late 70s/early 80s show tastes like a Pepsi float (if all the ice cream melted). The drink is smooth, but has a carbonated kick, so it's a little shocking at first, but sweetens out pretty quickly. It was introduced to the show because it was Laverne's real-life counterpart Penny Marshall's favorite drink. Allegedly, people drank the combination during the Great Depression, when they called it a "brown cow" or "brown cow float." Hey, we never said it looked appealing.

7. Spit Bucket Backwash - Sideways
Here at Short Order, we don't throw around the word "alcoholic" lightly. We prefer the term "ardent connoisseur." That's why when middle-aged author Miles, played by Paul Giamatti, angrily chugs from the spit bucket at a winery when the steward refuses to top his glass, we understand his pain. The man just loves his California Cabs, and there's no way he isn't getting to them. Start watching the clip below at 2:40.

6. Red Eye - Cocktail
It's only appropriate that we reference the quintessential bar movie of the 80s for this one. To cure Tom Cruise character Brian Flanagan's hangover, bartender Doug Coughlin, played Bryan Brown, serves him a Red Eye. Made with one ounce of vodka, six ounces of tomato juice, one can of beer, and one raw egg (not stirred, of course), we're a little curious as to how it works. We'll just stick with the aspirin next time.

5. Bass-o-Matic Shakes - Saturday Night Live
Seems we've come full circle. Here's the adult version of number 10, as made famous by Dan Aykroyd on SNL.

4. Eggs - Rocky
Okay, okay, we all know the scene. Rocky gets up from bed, opens the fridge, and puts one... two... three... four... did he just put five eggs in there?! You've got a little something on your shirt there, big guy.

3. Rat Blood "Wine" - Interview with the Vampire
The vampires in Twilight have got it all wrong. Clearly, the only way to stay satisfied enough to not crave human blood is by imbibing rat blood. Forget the fact that they're less than a tenth the size of humans (or a tasty deer). In this scene, Lestat de Lioncourt, the suave vampire played by Tom Cruise, squeezes a rat's blood into a wine glass for younger vampire Louis, played by Brad Pitt. We would take human blood any day.


 2. Dead Baby Boy - Man Bites Dog
The drink itself sounds pretty good -- the base is made with a "tear of gin" and a "river of tonic." What disturbs us is the inclusion of the "little victim." Made by tying a sugar cube to an olive, the dead baby boy will float to the top of the drink once the sugar has dissolved. The star of this Belgian mockumentary (supposed serial killer Benoit Poelvoorde) asks, "How much ballast does it take to sink a dead kid?" He makes it into a drinking game, saying the person whose olive floats to the top first has to buy the next round of drinks, but we know he's got the answer to that question.

1. Milkshake - There Will Be Blood
So, this milkshake is more of a metaphor than an actual drink. But, quite frankly, we couldn't look at milkshakes again for a good while. Once we started reintroducing them into our lives, it was hard to tell if our shivers were from brain freeze or from latent, movie scene memories. Watch the clip at 11:30 (if you can stomach it), to see Daniel Day Lewis as crazed oil man Daniel Plainview warm us up with images of milkshakes, then gross us out with a few brutal blows to Paul Dano's head (via bowling pins).

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