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Photos: Redland Market Village Bargain Town Boasts the Original Miami Food Truck Court

You can easily while away most of a weekend day at Redland Market Village Bargain Town, which is located at the intersection of South Dixie Highway and SW 244th Street. The name, perhaps, sums up the many functions of the indoor/outdoor complex. Yes, it sprawls to nearly the size of a small town, there are many bargains to be had, and there's a central plaza.

What it really is, though, is a flea market -- offering wares of both the the crap-on-a-blanket-on-the-ground and the custom-nameplate-jewelry varieties -- combined with a hangar-size farmers' market and a sprawling outdoor food court. While many upscale food trucks all the rage around Miami are churning out their own tacos, the vendors at the Redland market are the no-frills proprietors from whom the entire trend was cribbed.

Flanking two long, barn-like buildings that divide the space are two separate sections of outdoor eateries. Near the entrance to market, which features a lush, low-priced mini nursery/greenhouse, are a few vendors with sprawling picnic tables under tents. Farther back, there's an outdoor bar and usually a live band playing corridos, complete with synthesized horse and gunshot sound effects.

Then, around the back is a mini restaurant row, of sorts. Truck after truck is parked in a row, with a huge gazebo stretching the length and tables and chairs set up underneath. Waitresses for each establishment take orders at the tables and then retrieve them from the trucks, where all the actual cooking happens. For those who want to breeze by, nearly every place has a tacos al pastor cart set up out front.

Food is mostly Mexican here, though a few Central American countries are represented, notably El Salvador in a pupuseria or two (the number varies by the day). A couple of stalls specialize mainly in roasted ears of corn, complete with toppings such as mayo, and a few serve just sweets and snow cones.

The best thing, however, might be the price. Two tacos and two drinks at one stall, for example, came in under $5; an ear of corn averages $2. Check out some photos of the vendors below.

Bargain Town is open on weekend days, and admission and parking are free. The official address is 24400 Packinghouse Rd., Homestead; there's no website, but you can call 305-257-4335.

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