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Petit Rouge French Bistro

Petit Rouge is a French Bistro in North Miami headed up by Chef Neal Cooper.

Lee Schrager, founder of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival recently twittered mid meal "Enjoying my dinner in Miami at Petit Rouge. Best profiterols I've ever had....... Mmmmm good!!!"

I spoke to Chef Neal by phone. Here's what he had to say.

"I just love French bistros, there's great ones in New York, Las Vegas, Napa Valley, I been doin Italian for years, there's an Italian joint on every corner, but not too many French bistros.

There's a misconception about bistros, people say 'ahh I don't like French, heavy sauces,' this isn't like that at all. This is classic bistro: escargot, onion soup, steak frite, skirt or filet mignon, interesting soup, Paul Bocuse from Lyon, the famous French chef, we do a recipe he created for the president of France.
You need to see it. There's little French bistros on corners but nothing that looks or compares to this.

We're a 35-seat restaurant. You ever been to New York? Have you ever heard of Balthazar? We're really on that par. We have a great cheese board, charcuterie, we make our own pate, our desserts are incredible, we do a classic tarte tatin, chocolate gateau, but we also have...I'm American so we got a strawberry sorbet shortcake with crème fresh vanilla sauce on top.

We put about 8 people on our patio. Inside we have 25, maybe 30 seats, small, intimate, when you see this youll be blown away, your head'll spin, come in you'll see, we're in a different league, the quality of product, you gotta come in."

Next week, Lee Klein will review Petit Rouge. Keep an eye out!


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