Patpong Road Celebrates Best Of Win: Free Laidee Drinks This Weekend

Patpong Road is the infamous Bangkok night market and red light district. There, you'll find an assortment of delights at your disposal. We're talking everything from a meal, to a drink, to the company of a beautiful woman. These ladies traditionally ask "gentleman callers" to buy them a drink for which they receive a small commission. These cocktails are known as "lady drinks" or "laidee drinks."

The Patpong Road on South Beach recreates "most" of Bangkok's district. For instance, while there are no "ladies" vying for your company, there are Laidee Drinks -- a potent blend of the Chinese spirit Bye Joe, tropical juices, and fruit -- all served in a plastic bag. The Laidee drink, as well as the retro-cool Thailand-meets-Miami vibe (here, Michael Jackson will forevermore be on the top 40 playlist) and cocktails like the Long Thailand Iced Tea won the lounge the title of Miami's Best New Bar in our annual Best Of edition.

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To celebrate, Patpong Road is offering a free Laidee Drink to everyone this weekend. You don't need to do anything -- they'll just be served up as a "treat from the folks at Patpong to celebrate the award."

Come for the drink, stay for Dude Skywalker spinning tonight and Glow Team taking over the turntables tomorrow.

Patpong Road's hours are 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

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