OnJuice at Aventura Mall: Sip Cold-Pressed Juices, Snack on Organic Brownies While You Shop

Mall food is typically heavy, greasy, and fatty. Enter OnJuice, a health-focused juice and grab-and-go snack bar that opened Monday in Aventura Mall.

DeliverLean (the meal plan delivery company) is the parent company of OnJuice. They've partnered with Turnberry Group to bring the first of several locations to shoppers and mall employees looking for healthful and tasty alternatives, such as gluten-free zucchini brownies and organic quinoa-kale-cranberry salad with lemon-pistachio drizzle.

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This isn't your typical food-court fare. CEO Scott Harris has made his booth stand out from the rest. A mix of glossy white and dark wood, OnJuice snagged some prime real estate right next to Lululemon and in front of the children's playground. A good move by Harris, because a big initiative of OnJuice and DeliverLean is kids' health. "That's where habits start," he says. "It's proven that kids today are going to live ten years longer than we will. That's because of the widespread and new-found knowledge of health food."

Excited to be part of that movement, Harris and cofounder Olga Kuzenkov are bringing kid-friendly items to the mix, such as an almond butter and jelly sandwich ($7) and a kids bento box packed with organic low-fat milk, organic apple slices, organic string cheese, an organic brownie bar, and either an almond butter and jelly or grilled chicken barbecue sandwich. The purpose is to create fun, superpower food the little ones will enjoy and not be intimidated by, like SuperiO's (Cheerios) or cold-pressed monkey juice.

For grownups, there are plenty of equally healthful and approachable options. Cold-pressed juices are the bread and butter (or in this case, the fruit and vegetables) of OnJuice, and it offers a variety to choose from, all priced at $9.95. One standout is Sublime (spinach, ginger, cucumber, green apple, parsley, lime, and lemon), but the Mint Condition (pineapple, green apple, cucumber, mint, and lime) and Pink (watermelon, cucumber, honeydew, lime, and mint) keep things fruity and minty-fresh. Detox juice cleanses are offered at $69 per day. If juicing ain't your thing, there are also signature smoothies (also $9.95).

Power bowls come in two forms -- antioxidant açaí bowls ($9) or vitally healthy Greek yogurt ($8) -- with three power toppings each.

Sandwiches, wraps, salads, and greens, as well as everything else on the manu, are delivered daily from OnJuice and DeliverLean's facility in Fort Lauderdale. As with anything fresh, the shelf life of most products is three to four days, so anything not consumed will be given away as promotional and marketing materials. With 12,000 Aventura Mall employees and a 15 percent discount extended to them, it's doubtful there will be many leftovers.

DeliverLean's dehydrated snack line is also a new initiative for the brand and good for snacking while shopping. Items include cheesy kale and raspberry lime kale chips, cauliflower popcorn, onion blings, apple crisps, and toasted coco-nola almond clusters. All are made with organic ingredients and are slowly dehydrated at 115 degrees to maintain maximum nutritional value. Go for the cheesy kale snacks -- they're ultra-addictive.

Harris says he's in talks with Miami International Airport as the next possible outpost of OnJuice and DeliverLean. "Eating healthy while traveling, especially in airports, is a struggle and virtually nonexistent. We want to change that."

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