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One Last Stone Crab at Joe's

Stone crab season officially ends on Saturday. The tasty crustaceans are taking their annual vacation to regenerate and reproduce until October 15. Until recently, that used to mean that Joe's Stone Crab, the country's leading stone crab emporium, would also close until the middle of October. This break would serve as the official end of season in Miami.

Times have changed and the concept of season has lengthened considerably. We are a year round destination, hurricanes and humidity be damned. In recent years, Joe's has stayed open during the summer months. After all, they have an extensive menu that features other seafood like shrimp, lobster, scallops, king crab legs and calamari. To say nothing of their fried chicken, which many people consider to be the best in Miami.

There's still time to chow down on some jumbo stone crabs and sweet potato fries: Joe's will be serving stone crabs until Sunday. After a very brief hiatus, they will reopen next Wednesday with dishes like filet mignon, ginger salmon and seafood bisque. Joe's will remain open until August 1. However, if you really have a stone crab craving, they will be selling frozen ones. (Unfortunately, Joe's Takeaway will be shuttered until October.) The 97-year-old eatery will also be introducing live jazz on Friday and Saturday nights beginning on May 21. Musicians will include Nicole Henry, Wendy Pedersen and Juan Turros.

Joe's Stone Crab
11 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

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