No Worries: That lead-filled tap water is perfectly safe

Just catching up on my reading here, and boy is it depressing. An April 10 expose in Salon has embroiled the CDC in a cover-up scandal about lead-tainted water in Washington D.C. Our august Center for Disease Control published studies in 2004 that reassured worried parents and health officials about lead levels in local water; only problem was, they left out about half the data. Whether the omission was deliberate or not is still an open question. Kids were suffering slurred speech and problems with motor skills that now appear to be a direct result of drinking DC tap water that had super high levels of lead. Meanwhile city councils around the country have jumped on the anti-bottled-water bandwagon, banning bottled H20 for city employees and crowing about how pure city tap water is.

I dunno about you, but this CDC fiasco has me wondering about water again. Maybe we should all be carrying around our own "Life Straw" so we can feel fine about sucking down the tap water hoity restaurants are so big on serving us these days. Check this out.

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