New Year's 2019 Survival GuideEXPAND
Courtesy of R House

New Year's 2019 Survival Guide

It's here! New Year's Eve is upon us. Whether you're planning a blowout dinner filled with endless champagne or you want to chill in your pajamas, here's all you need to know to start 2019 the right way. Happy new year!

Stiltsville brunch
Stiltsville brunch
Courtesy of Stiltsville

Five Champagne Brunches to Welcome 2019. As Miami prepares for the biggest night of the year, start the party early with a Saturday or Sunday champagne brunch this weekend. From Miami Beach to Doral, look for restaurants offering bottomless drink specials and hearty plates of food. Before donning your New Year's Eve tiara, savor seafood towers, platanomaduro pancakes, and pours of your favorite libation at one of these five restaurants.

New Year's 2019 Survival Guide
Courtesy of Azabu

Miami New Year's Eve 2019 Dining Guide. Finding a table on New Year's Eve can be a daunting process without a bit of planning. That's because restaurants and hotels pull out all the stops for the end-of-the-year celebration with special menus, open bars, and plenty of champagne. And while the price of dining on New Year's Eve can quickly become outrageously high, there are still plenty of restaurants opting to serve their regular à la carte menu with a free champagne toast at midnight thrown into the mix. Here's your guide to dining and partying on New Year's Eve 2019 in Miami.

Caviar at Marky's
Caviar at Marky's
Zachary Fagenson

This New Year's Eve in Miami, Stay Home and Eat Caviar in Your Pajamas. Even when it seems like things are going right, New Year's Eve is there to remind you of its banality. Still, friends of every age insist on flying down from their Mid-Atlantic or Northeast shitholes to clog the roads, take all the Ubers, crowd the good restaurants, and leave their vomit and discarded shoes on the street. Even assuming you dodge the more esoteric pitfalls of New Year's Eve in Miami, there's the risk of an overpriced prix-fixe dinner, watered-down booze, and that server who drags their feet with the endless champagne. If you do go out, do be nice to your server.

New Year's 2019 Survival Guide
Courtesy the Salty Donut

The Salty Donut Creates Fortune Cookie Doughnut to Celebrate 2019. Before you suit up for your New Year's Eve festivities Monday, stop by the Salty Donut for a limited-edition champagne-coated fortune cookie doughnut. "When thinking about New Year's, most people look forward to the future," cofounder Amanda Rodriguez says. "We thought it would be cool to create a mashup between a fortune cookie and a doughnut as a fun spin on the future ahead."

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