New Hammacher Schlemmer Gizmo Lets You Cook Omelet and a Waffle Simultaneously

Two possible breakfast scenarios emerge. 1) No time or space to oook high end breakfast options. 2) You can't decide what to eat. The raging debate is finally over with the Only Omelet and Waffle Maker.

"One of the biggest things is that the device recognizes a common problem in the kitchen," says Bree O'Day, public relations associate for Hammacher Schlemmer, the Chicago company that markets the omelet-waffle maker."This is just another nifty thing that helps with that."

The electric device has two irons, one to hold eggs and another for waffle batter, that each heat to different temperatures and rotate 180 degrees, producing perfect omelets and evenly-browned waffles, with six different levels of browning and temperatures.

Each iron is six-and-a-half inches in diameter and is deep enough to cook a one-inch thick breakfast, a Belgian waffle with deep pockets and a fluffy omelet filled with chunks of your favorite toppings.

When it's time to rotate the iron or if the waffle and omelet is finished cooking, the unit alerts you and illuminates with LEDs.

The irons are non-stick and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth, or inside of a dishwasher if you're brave enough to do that.

It fits anywhere there is counter space, is just over 15 inches long, over nine inches in height and width, and weighs 10-and-a-half pounds. Another dorm room necessity.

Sorry folks, there is no smartphone or wireless device interface, it's all controlled with good ol' fashioned hands and fingers.

So far, the time saving invention is the only one in the world. It retails for $139.95 and Hammacher Schlemer won't officially start shipping orders until March 5. They also have a flagship retail store in New York City, and you might be able to find it there.

Before selling kick-butt kitchen contraptions, Hammacher Schlemmer was a hardware store that began selling mechanic tools 13 years before Civil War, when there was less than 600 horseless carriages in New York City. Now they have America's longest running catalog.

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