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Naughty Fork Food Tour Spotlights Instagrammer Samantha Schnur's Favorite Wynwood Hotspots

The popular Instagrammer shares her favorite Miami spots for a bite.
Samantha Schnur, the creator behind the Instagram account Naughty Fork, has created a Miami food tour of her favorite local spots.
Samantha Schnur, the creator behind the Instagram account Naughty Fork, has created a Miami food tour of her favorite local spots. Photo by Alex Markow
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What happens when you combine one of Instagram's favorite food influencers with a pedal-powered tour group?

You get Miami's first official Naughty Fork Food Tour, a partnership between Re's World Tours and Samantha Schnur, the local content creator behind the Naughty Fork Instagram account.

Schnur tells New Times the partnership came about when friends from Re's World approached her with an idea to create a food-focused tour to add to the company's booze-fueled bar crawl lineup.

"We thought it would be fun to do a food tour that highlighted the best of Miami fare," Schnur says. "As you bike around, the tour guide will tell you about the neighborhood, as well as the story of the chef or meal at each stop."

To that end, Schnur — who has been cataloging Miami's food scene since 2014 via her Instagram, which now boasts a million followers  — shared her local culinary expertise by compiling a shortlist of the most "Miami" offerings in Wynwood.

"In the past few years, Wynwood has changed so much, and there are a lot of options. It can be overwhelming," Schnur explains. "That's also why it's the perfect place to do a food tour like this, where you can try a little bit of the best of what's out there."

The Naughty Fork tour will be available starting Saturday, March 19, and will run on alternate Saturdays. The four-hour tour costs $125 per person and includes meals and a drink at three of Schnur's favorite Wynwood hotspots. Each party bike has a maximum capacity of 15 people and is restricted to participants 21 and over. Though Schur has curated the food stops, she does not conduct the tours. That duty falls to Re's tour guides, who'll also highlight the neighborhood's history.

The tour starts with a welcome prosperity toast, then proceeds to three stops (with an additional stop on the night tour). Schnur says the stops will rotate going forward, but the initial tour will visit the following Wynwood establishments:
  • Coyo Taco, where attendees will be served two tacos, chips and guacamole, and a margarita.
  • 1-800-Lucky, where they'll get five assorted dumplings and a sake cup.
  • Night Owl Cookies, where the treat consists of two cookies.
  • Oasis Wynwood (night tours only), where attendees will be served a slice of "Naughty Fork" pizza from Prince St. Pizza and one drink.
"Part of what makes Wynwood so wonderful is the amount of diversity and culture in one small spot," Schnur sums up. "There are so many restaurants you can bike between, the possibilities are endless."

For information and to book a tour, visit or call 800-998-5787.
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