Nadia G., Star of Bitchin' Kitchen, Talks Bucconcini Eyeballs

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Nadia G., star of Cooking Channel's Bitchin' Kitchen, recently talked with Short Order about her upcoming Season 2 premiere, Halloween recipes for a novice, and what inspires her to keep rockin' out and stayin bitchin'.

New Times: Nadia, how do you keep your at-home kitchen bitchin'?
Nadia G.: I think the kitchen is one of the rooms in the home that has suffered the most. Everyone brings a bit of flair to their living room or  bedroom, but the kitchen is the heart of the home. We should reflect our personalities through the kitchen. So whether it's some rockin' cherry red and chrome appliances,  just bringing in some decapitated doll's heads, or fresh flowers and beyond, one should really try to express themselves through their kitchen. That's what makes it enticing. That's what makes it a room you wanna spend time in. So in my kitchen, whether it's chain-mail tea towels or leopard print oven mitts, I try and have fun.

As far as Season 2 goes what can we expect?

We've got dysfunctional family pizza night, girls night in,  a bunch of new music videos , because it is a cooking show after all! (Laughs). We haven't said bye to any of our characters. I love Panos and the Spice Agent!

You know Halloween is tonight and we wanna bake treats! What's an easy Halloween recipe that a newcomer to the kitchen can make?
Bucconcini Eyeballs in Italian "Blood" Salsa You carve a little whole on the top of it with and add a olive with pimento in it. Then you make a quick salsa from cherry tomatoes, all the fresh herbs you can get your hands on, a tablespoon of aged balsamic, a little olive oil and red onions. This tastes fantastic with the bucconcini. And if you eat meat you can add proscioutto di parma around the bucconcini eyeballs to make it look like the fleshy party of the eyes if you plucked them out. See that's tasty!

And then there's another one, because that one is maybe a little more complex, still in the simple realm but more complex. You can do Merguez Mummies!

So you get some beautiful Merguez sausage and some easy, frozen croissant dough. And you just cut that up into thin strips and wrap around the Merguez sausage. So cute! You just leave about an inch open at the top for the head. You bake those in the oven, and how cute is that. Just add two little mustard eyes.

I think the idea for Halloween, Valentine's Day or occasional eating. You gotta respect your ingredients and come up with recipes that can stand up on their own regardless of the holiday.

If someone told you five years ago this is where you'd be, would you believe it?
If you didn't think you would be here you wouldn't work the 15 hour days 7 days a week to get there. (Laughs) It's true, and I just feel so blessed and honored. The fact of the matter is that it is true if you follow your dreams, you''ll get there, but the fine print says, you gotta work your butt off!And I'm lucky enough to be born "Net-Gen," which means when the networks weren't ready for a rock-and-roll comedy cooking show, I still had the opportunity to create one online. And because we had such an awesome following we were lucky enough to get picked up by networks. And the fact of the matter is, there is a hunger in America for spicy rather than vanilla.People want their double dark chocolate with fleur de sel, and I love that!

And people love watching the show! We can't wait to watch the premiere of Season 2 for Bitchin' Kitchen which comes out November 2, 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific only on Cooking Channel right?
That's right! It was such a pleasure to talk with you.

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