Mr. Chow, Mr. Chow, and Mr. Chu of Mr. Chu's

Mr. Chow Miami will be opening at the W Hotel South Beach this August. Mr. Chow is of course Mr. Michael Chow, famed restaurateur/actor/interior designer -- not to be confused with Philippe Chow, famed chef/restaurateur who used to be famed chef at Mr. Chow and then split off to do his own Philippe Chow restaurants, one of which is in the Gansevoort Hotel -- also on South Beach.

Nor should we be getting Mr. Chow and Mr. Chow confused with Mr. Chu of Mr. Chu's Hong Kong Cuisine -- formerly in South Beach, now newly installed at 2728 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables (305-538-8424). Wok Star Eleanor Hoh reports on Chu's new Taiwanese menu: "Small plate tapas with fresh options on a daily basis...There will be a display of fresh vegetables on the counter, you can request how you want them prepared e.g. stir fried with garlic and ginger, steamed etc." Also: The space is "HUGE, with a room for private parties. The main dining room still has a Los Ranchos fountain and grand piano in it, very strange setup."

Guess now we can chew chow at Chu's or two Chows.

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