Miss Saigon Bistro's Desserts Include Thai Donuts to Die For

Miss Saigon Bistro has a dessert menu shrouded in secrecy. The little Vietnamese restaurant located in Coral Gables (there's also a location in Pinecrest) offers sweet treats that are sure to please.

The place's look is a bit hokey and the service staff didn't know the dessert menu offerings and pricing. However, they were accommodating to walk-ins requesting just coffee and dessert.

So while the dessert menu came in two versions -- only one including handwritten entry for Thai donuts -- we decided to go hot and cold with the Thai donuts and lychee sorbet. Each of the desserts on the menu are $6 and selections also include -- depending upon which version of the dessert menu you have -- Vietnamese coffee cheese cake, guava cheese cake, mango cheese cake, coconut cheese cake, tiramisu, carrot cake, chocolate cake, petite chocolate soufflé, coconut ice cream, lychee fruit, and mango sorbet. Dessert beverages include Vietnamese coffee ($2.95) and Thai tea ($3.95, served iced).

The lychee sorbet, served in a glass with a slice of lime, atop a plate dusted in powdered sugar, has bits and pieces of the super fruit in the generous serving. After a few bites, however, the novelty wears off. The refreshing quality did help to balance out the sweet Thai donuts. The deep-fried pillows of doughy goodness are dusted in powdered sugar and served with a small dish of sweetened condensed milk topped with finely chopped peanuts.

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