Mickey D's McFlurry vs BK's Soft Serve Ice Cream

You've probably seen Burger King's latest commercial featuring their newest dessert options including one that looks a lot like McDonald's McFlurry. The commercial, of course, is fairytale in nature featuring a Willy Wonka portrayal of the soft serve and its accompaniments of flowing chocolate, rich brownies and sunny peaches. Enticing? It got us interested in comparing it to the iconic McFlurry.

Burger King's new dessert menu, which features sundaes and shakes, are part of the flurry of changes in the past couple of months, including the introduction of oatmeal and sweet tea. Sweet tea? Sounds like a McDonald's wannabe.

Let the battle for dessert supremacy begin.

McDonald's McFlurry
Pricing & sizes: Snack size (8 oz), $1.89; 12 oz, $2.59
Calories: Snack size (8 oz), 340 calories; 12 oz, 520 calories
Description: Served in a paper cup with a dual duty, square handled spoon and a rounded open lid. What's up with the crazy looking spoon? The top part actually connects to the mixer to efficiently mix the vanilla ice cream and the mix-ins.
Mix-Ins: Oreos, M&M Minis, Reese's, limited-time promotional mix-ins available throughout the year
Texture of base: Stiff and initially hard to mix
Taste of base: Chalky, artificial, lacks big vanilla flavor
Melt time: 20 minutes


Burger King's Soft Serve Ice Cream
Pricing & sizes: One size, $2.67
Calories: 380
Description: Served in a clear plastic sundae cup with a regular spoon and rounded square lid. What sets it apart? Chocolate syrup is added to the mix.
Mix-ins: Oreos, peaches, M&M Minis, brownies 

Texture of base: Soft, creamy, easy to mix

Taste of base: Not so chalky; while vanilla taste is more prominent, it tastes artificial
Melt time: 12 minutes

Final verdict: Each had it's pros and cons. We suggest a combination of the two for near perfection. Name? McBK Soft Serve Flurry perhaps.

Which one will be your favorite?

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