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Michelle Bernstein Rumored To Be a Judge on Top Chef Once Again

Last night at a casual dinner at Michy's, Short Order overheard that chef/proprietor Michelle Bernstein judged an episode of the new season of Top Chef, which begins this Wednesday night on Bravo. While Bernstein has officiated Top Chef in the past, it is more interesting this time around since one of Miami's other high-profile female toques, Andrea Curto-Randazzo, is a contestant.

While we couldn't pry any details out of Michelle as to how far Andrea made it on Top Chef, which was filmed in Washington, DC, she did acknowledge that if Andrea was still in the running during her judging stint, she would have had to announce the connection. Interesting.

In other Michelle Bernstein news, we learned that the weekly Tuesday night specials at her other eatery, Sra. Martinez, are not limited to pig roasts. All manner of fish and fowl will be roasted over the next consecutive Tuesdays for $35 bucks a pop (along with side dishes and salads). Summertime in Miami means tasty and affordable fare.

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Jacquelynn D. Powers