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Miami Mediterranean Cuisine Is the Best Place for a Gyro in SoBe

If you're going to Sultan Mediterranean Cuisine in SoBe for your gyro, kebab, and falafel fix, you're doing it wrong. The far lesser-known place Miami Mediterranean Cuisine has tastier food, is open late (2 a.m.), offers free delivery (if the order is over $15), and costs about half the price.

It may have an unoriginal and forgettable restaurant name, but its food is memorable because it's packed with fresh flavors.

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Nestled on 11th Street between Washington and Collins avenues in South Beach, this small restaurant has it all. There's the velvety hummus ($4) and the dolmas ($4) with grilled eggplant blended with tahini bundled in brined grape leaves. Even the falafels ($5) offer something a bit different, new, and green with some fava beans mixed with the garbanzo beans. The falafels may not be quite as delightful as those at the vegetarian haven Maoz, but this place has meat, and lots of it!

There are kebabs ranging from kofte to chicken to lamb. However, the star is on the spit, where layers of marinated ground and sliced meat take a vertical twirl. You can get the gyro as a sandwich ($6.50) or as an entrée ($11) with rice, salad, and pita. The flavorful meat easily makes this the best gyro in South Beach.

Another show-stealer is the tabbouleh. It's a simple salad but requires the freshest herbs to make it pop. The mixture of fresh parsley, mint, bulgur, onion, tomato, lemon juice, olive oil, and spices is executed just right. Plus you get a heaping helping for just $4.

If you need a late-night gyro or a fresh and healthful postbeach lunch, check out Miami Mediterranean Cuisine. It's the best, most affordable place in SoBe that you didn't know about.

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