Los Magueyes: Holy Mole Poblano

Ah, mole, the sauce as personal and versatile as curry. It can come in an array of delicious colors: red, green, yellow or brown and most are said to have upwards of twenty ingredients. Discovering your perfect sauce is like finding your soulmate. At Los Magueyes they offer up two potential lovers: verde and poblano. Both bachelors batches smother tender chicken breasts and are served with rice, beans and tortillas.

The poblano with the brown mole sauce is our pick. It is dark and mysterious, and you don't know all that is lurking in its secret sauce. We asked them their secreto. The answer, "Chocolate, chiles and almonds." Sure that explains the sweet, the heat and the thickness, but there is so much more to this dish.

The presentation of this dish reminds of a palette where the artist mixes their paints to create masterpieces. The boneless skinless chicken breast is the blank white canvas. The rice and beans are other mediums that you can add to the mix to break up the sauce and see it in new lights: thinner, not as intense.

Although it is the pure mole poblano that really pleases our palate. Each bite hits the spicy, sweet and rich spots and leaves us scratching our head wondering what all we are tasting. For further investigation, this same sauce also makes cameos in the enchiladas and in the chicken burrito.

While this sauce is boss, Los Magueyes offers so much delicious authentic Mexican food worth ordering. On a recent trip, we gave in to our month-long steak nacho craving and it was so worth it. They even offered us some control, asking us how we wanted our steak cooked. Plus, we heard rumors that pozole is served on weekends. This place is truly holy.

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