Vegan-friendly and just as creamy as its dairy-infused counterparts.
Vegan-friendly and just as creamy as its dairy-infused counterparts.
Photos by Hannah Sentenac

Lan Pan Asian Cafe: Banana-Coconut Bubble Tea Is the Best Thing Ever

It's thanks to Lan Pan Asian Cafe that I discovered the joys of boba tea about a year ago (I was totally behind the eight ball, I know). I was utterly enamored with their taro variety -- a creamy, lavender-hued, frozen dream.

When I made the transition to veganism back in January, I was bummed to learn I had to forego this indulgence. Luckily, I've discovered that the Asian eatery offers fruity versions of their bubble tea that are just as magically delicious and dairy-free. The banana-coconut, in particular ($4), is amazing.

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They feature plenty of fruit flavors, from avocado (seriously) to lychee to strawberry-banana, but I found the banana-coconut to be an especially creamy treat -- the perfect solution for dairy-loving vegans who miss rich, milky concoctions.

Tapioca pearls are always vegan, but many of the boba varieties have milk ingredients as a matter of course. At any bubble tea purveyor, the safest bet is a fruit smoothie, and luckily, Lan Pan has lots.

Vegan or not, Lan Pan's wide variety of boba teas makes them a can't-miss waypoint if you're in the Dadeland area. One of their drinks will make the Target-Michael's-Best Buy gauntlet way more pleasant. Plus, with the insane temperatures we've been enduring lately, frozen drinks on the regular are almost necessary to keep our bods from overheating.

Walk-up window for delicious convenience.
Walk-up window for delicious convenience.

You can order a drink at their walk-up window, or sit down in the charming little cafe for a meal. Their Asian cuisine is always on point, and they have plenty of delectable eats for vegans and omnivores alike (I recommend the tropical roll, $4.50, and the wild mushroom salad, $8.95).

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