Lan Pan Asian Cafe: Banana-Coconut Bubble Tea Is the Best Thing Ever

It's thanks to Lan Pan Asian Cafe that I discovered the joys of boba tea about a year ago (I was totally behind the eight ball, I know). I was utterly enamored with their taro variety -- a creamy, lavender-hued, frozen dream.

When I made the transition to veganism back in January, I was bummed to learn I had to forego this indulgence. Luckily, I've discovered that the Asian eatery offers fruity versions of their bubble tea that are just as magically delicious and dairy-free. The banana-coconut, in particular ($4), is amazing.

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They feature plenty of fruit flavors, from avocado (seriously) to lychee to strawberry-banana, but I found the banana-coconut to be an especially creamy treat -- the perfect solution for dairy-loving vegans who miss rich, milky concoctions.

Tapioca pearls are always vegan, but many of the boba varieties have milk ingredients as a matter of course. At any bubble tea purveyor, the safest bet is a fruit smoothie, and luckily, Lan Pan has lots.

Vegan or not, Lan Pan's wide variety of boba teas makes them a can't-miss waypoint if you're in the Dadeland area. One of their drinks will make the Target-Michael's-Best Buy gauntlet way more pleasant. Plus, with the insane temperatures we've been enduring lately, frozen drinks on the regular are almost necessary to keep our bods from overheating.

You can order a drink at their walk-up window, or sit down in the charming little cafe for a meal. Their Asian cuisine is always on point, and they have plenty of delectable eats for vegans and omnivores alike (I recommend the tropical roll, $4.50, and the wild mushroom salad, $8.95).

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