Food News

La Camaronera, Media Darling

We'd like to take the credit, having honored La Camaronera Fish Market with "Best Fish Sandwich" in last year's Best of Miami issue...  But the Garcia brothers, who have been fryin' up down home Cuban favorites at this Little Havana seafood joint for 36 years, deserve all the glory. 

After a recent feature on this huequito en la pared (hole in the wall) aired on Michelle Bernstein's Check Please on PBS, Guy Fieri and his producers at the Food Network came a callin' for a segment on the popular and saliva-inducing show, Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  We hear from owner David Garcia, that before you could say Black Eyed Pea Fritters, the crew had dropped in to chow down on Minuto Sandwiches and mounds of glorious fried shrimp.

The episode airs June 22, after television goes digital, so be sure to grab your converter box - or one of those kick-ass LED numbers that Samsung is hawking now - and tune in.  It's sure to make your tummy rumble.   

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Jackie Sayet