Kosher Tacos and Other New Menu Items at Tasti Cafe

Whether you keep Kosher or have a mainly veggie diet, Tasti Café on Miami Beach is a delicious, out-of-the-ordinary spot for breakfast and lunch. Since 2001, the tiny eatery has been serving dairy-based Kosher fare (that means no meat) like strawberry pancakes, egg salad sandwiches, quiche, pan seared tilapia, eggplant parmesan, Greek salads, frozen yogurt and cheesecake.

Last week, they added several new dishes to the menu such as fish tacos, an avocado melt sandwich, strawberry and feta cheese salad, breakfast tacos, stuffed French toast with Nutella and red velvet pancakes with whipped cream (yes, you read that right). Just like their previous menu, none of these items is fried. Tasti Café serves up healthful fare, although their cheesecakes look pretty decadent.

Tasti Café not only caters to the Kosher set, but also anyone who is freaked out by the thought of dirty kitchens. As part of their very strict OU Kosher certification, Tasti Café must have a mashgiach on-site during operating hours (Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sundays for brunch). He is a certified supervisor who is on the lookout for bugs, dirt and non-Kosher products. He even goes as far as washing each piece of lettuce individually. It's like having a permanent health inspector on staff.

Short Order sampled the new breakfast tacos and found them to be delicious. The accompanying salsa is sweet and spicy simultaneously. There might have been a few bites of their rich blueberry cheesecake, too, which is one of 26 cheesecakes Tasti Café makes from scratch. Who knew Kosher fare could be so, well, tasty?

Tasti Café
4041 Royal Palm Ave., Miami Beach

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