Jennifer Lopez Only Has Eyes for Mojo Donuts After Super Bowl Performance

Jennifer Lopez (right) and Shakira during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.
Jennifer Lopez (right) and Shakira during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
Sure, a football game happened a few Sundays ago, but what Super Bowl LIV will forever be known for is the electric halftime show that saw Jennifer Lopez and Shakira kick ass.

The performance was seen worldwide on everything from cell phones to Jumbotrons. Still, few viewers saw what happened after the stellar show that will go down in halftime history: Jennifer Lopez asked for a doughnut. But it wasn't just any doughnut. It was a custom-made creation by Miami's Mojo Donuts.

Co-owner Jimmy Piedrahita says the doughnuts were flavored with Tahitian vanilla mousse and white chocolate and festooned with frosting in Miami-esque hues of pink and turquoise. "Ms. Lopez requested some of our exclusive Super Bowl doughnuts, and we sent two different styles. They were waiting for her. It was the first thing she asked for when she came off the stage.
Indeed, in a video posted by her fiancé, former baseball star Alex Rodriguez, Lopez hugs a cadre of people, including halftime costar Shakira, and then immediately requests a doughnut. At the nine-minute mark of the video, Lopez can be heard asking for a well-earned treat. "They said if I do good, I could have a doughnut."

This isn't the first time J.Lo has eaten sweets from Mojo Donuts, according to Piedrahita. He and his team have made doughnuts for Rodriquez's birthday and his daughter's quinceañera, as well as created treats for a Jennifer Lopez concert. The Miami doughnut king says that working with Lopez is a pleasure. "She's a gem. She's been nothing but an amazing human being."

Though one might think Lopez — a performer at the top of her game — would consume nothing but water and green juice, the Mojo Donuts partner says that assumption couldn't be further from the truth. "I've had people say, 'You're lying — J.Lo doesn't eat doughnuts.' But the truth is she loves our vanilla mousse and white chocolate doughnuts. It's insane."

Piedrahita says he'll never forget his Super Bowl moment. "I'm so humbled by all of this. More than anything, I feel blessed and grateful that we get a chance to serve doughnuts, not only to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez but to everyone in South Florida."

Though J.Lo's doughnuts were custom-decorated for the big game, the average person can still eat like the megastar: Mojo Donuts offers her favorite Tahitian vanilla mousse and white chocolate varieties daily.

Mojo Donuts & Fried Chicken. 8870 Bird Rd., Miami; 305-223-6656; mojodonuts.com.
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