Here's the exclusive Short Order interview with Chef Danny from Hell's Kitchen 5. Chef Danny Veltri talks about fame, competition and gives out his personal Myspace address, you heard it here first. Hell's Kitchen 5 featuring Chef Danny appears on the FOX network every Thursday at 9 p.m. and can also be streamed through the FOX Hell's Kitchen 5 microsite through their FOX on demand player.

Here's what show contestant Chef Danny Veltri had to say.

"I started young, when I was 15, scrubbing pots and just worked my way from the bottom up. Now I'm executive chef at Flip Flops Grill & Chill. I went to Ft. Lauderdale and waited in line with hundreds of other people and just gave it a shot, it's a long grueling process where they string you along...."

Interview with Hell's Kitchen's Chef Danny Veltri

"Every call you get you think you're on the show, but they just wanna see your resume, or look at your menu. It probably took about 2 months of that. Finally they flew me out to LA and I had to tell my job I was gonna be outta there for 6 weeks and clear that up with them so that I would have a job when I got back then I packed my bags and left."

"I'm just the kind of person that's cocky and set in their ways, you get that many egos into one house you're bound to have some arguments, but I stood my ground through the ups and downs, stuff happened but now I would pretty much say wassup to anybody from the show. It's a competition, you're all fighting for the same thing, for $250,000 people are willing to -- well I'm not really allowed to talk about what happens on the show."

"I'm working on my own personal website, I'd love to have my own show, I love show business. I'm true to my girl, but I'm already noticing some extra attention. I'm on MySpace at myspace.com/chefdannyveltri, just keep watching the show."

Here are some shots of Veltri from his MySpace page.

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