Hell's Kitchen 5 - Chef Giovanni

Alright culinary-reality-fanatics, meet Giovanni, one of three Hell's Kitchen 5 contestants from Florida. Giovanni is the executive chef at Creehan's Copper Grill in Destin, Florida. Destin is a Gulf Coast beach town close to Pensacola. Pensacola's about as un-Miami as you can get in Florida, but it is in the state boundaries, so Giovanni gets an honorable mention in our Florida contestants of Hell's Kitchen 5 coverage. As you well know, this is the most important race in the country right now and Florida is a battle ground state.

Giovanni is 37 years old and his bio on the Fox Hell's Kitchen 5 microsite

describes him as "pompous and arrogant." Although he "hates serious

confrontation" he will "do whatever it takes to get his point across."

He's older and has boss experience so that could go one of two ways.

He'll either get a grudging respect with a deep seated resentment, or

he'll get outright young vs. old and have to prove himself constantly to

the young talent. Either way, we're sure he wants to get the hell out

of Destin and take on the "Head Chef" position at The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey, so don't be surprised if he does something crazy.

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