Gigi Hosts Valentine's Day for Singles: Leave With Someone New, Get a Free Dessert

Valentine's Day can be a bummer if you're single. As if you need any reminder love is elusive, cutesy couples haunt you with their cuddling and holding hands. If you're smart, you'll avoid restaurants and movie theaters. But if you're really smart, you'll go to Gigi in midtown.

Instead of offering couple's specials, Gigi is looking out for the lonely with a clever Valentine's Day special for singles. In addition to handing out a free cocktail to singles, those who arrive alone and leave as a couple get a free dessert.

"We wanted to try something new," says manager LaShawn Thomas. "We pride ourselves on bringing a unique approach to dining."

With this special, Gigi is perhaps the only restaurant in Miami to jump start new relationships on the day that most places are content with facilitating existing ones. What better way to get a girl or guy to leave with you than under the guise of a free dessert?

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Gigi has become a midtown meeting scene by offering affordable Asian-inspired cuisine and staying open to 2 a.m. on weekdays and 5 a.m. on weekends. One of their most popular dishes is the chimichurri beef buns ($8), which contain a medley of ginger, garlic, scallion, crispy plantain, and sesame.

Other popular dishes include their pineapple and sweet chili drumsticks ($12) and the duck ramen ($16) with duck leg, pork belly, poached eggs, and bean sprouts. All are great options between cocktail time and dessert.

If you don't want to wait till the 14th to find someone, you still have a week to go. Our suggestion? Check out Bongo's Cuban Cafe's pre-Valentine's mixer on Saturday, February 8. Or on Wednesday, February 12, visit the Patricia and Phillip Museum of Science. Love expert Dr. Lisa Pazi will share dating advice to the museum's Young Patrons (ages 21 to 40).

Or just wait till the big day and head on over to Gigi. Worst case scenario, you'll get a free cocktail, beef buns, and ramen. And if you're lucky, you'll get a free dessert.

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