Fiamma Gastronomia is a very Italian place.

It's a stylish restaurant where pretty much anything goes. You want to watch All My Children on TV, they'll put it on. You want to specialize your order, no olives, no cheese...no problem. There's always a chef in the kitchen. It's clean and sleek, and all of the employees are Italian. Oh, and the food, the lovely looking food, definitely Italian, too.

Co-owner Claudio Console wants people to feel comfortable eating at the inexpensive Fiamma. Opened only a month ago, the place plans to expand, possibly to Midtown. Console is a former interior designer and furniture store owner from Bari, Italy. His passion for food caused him to open this trattoria. It's a casual, friendly place where, Console says, "we prepare everything express."

Fiamma Gastronomia is Bringing Italy to Española Way

The place serves three meals every day, with snacks in between and there's even a room for a fourth meal (8:30 a.m. to midnight). You can start breakfast with a croissant and espresso, and end your night with fennel gratin or crispy calamari. Console suggests the tuna tartare, chicken milanese, and, of course, the pastas. If organic is an option, Console will use it. All of the olive oil is real Italian, Console emphasizes, using "Italian olives."

Console plans to organize events with artists and outside chefs to create theme nights. If the place introduces an artist from Cuba, for example, it will cook Cuban food that night in addition to the Italian. Fiamma hopes to receive its beer and wine license this week.

This is a place for locals as well, so Fiamma is offering a 10 percent discount. Delivery is available on South Beach. Don't let the address confuse you -- it's on Española, but on the east side of Washington at 224 Española Way, Miami Beach.

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