Exclusive: Details on Steven Raichlen's Next Four Books!

Since 1998, Steven Raichlen has written eight hefty tomes about barbecue. These include The Barbecue Bible; The Revised Barbecue Bible; How to Grill; BBQ USA; and his latest, the just-released Planet Barbecue! -- in which after traveling through 60 countries, the author concludes that not only does barbecue taste good, but it is responsible for nothing less than the birth of civilization.

Short Order has managed to secure a list of the titles, along with very brief summaries, of the next four books that Raichlen plans to publish in conjunction with Used-To-Be-A-Workman Press. Here they are:

The Barbecue Bible: Old Testament Edition

Over the course of a year, the Guru of Grilling trudges through  every

country in the Middle East (plus spends three months in Kazakhstan

because he got lost), and unearths the shocking revelation that Moses

parted the Red Sea so that the Israelites could wheel their Weber

grills through. Along the way he also learns an ingenious method for

grilling hummus.

Return To Planet Barbecue

The Emperor of Embers shares the 600-plus recipes, gathered during his

initial research, that just weren't quite good enough to make it into

the first book.

BBQ USA: The Obama Years

The Sultan of Lighter Fluid spends two years and trods thousands of

miles through the back alleys of America to find out how barbecue

differs now that Obama is president. He learns it doesn't, but while in

the Bronx he stumbles upon a great recipe for smoked kippers.

The Revised Return To Planet Barbecue

The King of Kingsford remembers why he left out many of those 600-plus recipes, and whittles them down to 34 of the best!

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