Dream Water May (or May Not) Help You Catch Some Z's

Whether you have a stressful job or just finished a long night of partying, you may have a hard time sleeping. Perhaps you guzzle energy drinks, powders and tablets to try to keep up with the fast pace.  Maybe if you snoozed a little more you could get something done? That's what the guys at

Dream Water

are banking on.

The rest-inducing potion is available in 8 oz. bottles and 2.5 oz. shots. It was launched less than a year ago by locals Joseph and David Lekach. The Lekach's are no strangers to the consumer product world.  Their family built and sold the Perfumania retail chain and currently owns several successful fragrance brands.  The brothers, who grew up working the family business, were looking for a venture of their own when they joined forces with Vincent Porpiglia, who had developed the Dream Water relaxation elixir as a college student. Porpiglia had been looking for a way to fight the effects downing numerous energy drinks every day.

The Dream Water Team

Dream Water has gotten some good attention in Miami. Chains like Walgreens sell Lullaby Lemon shots to stressed out and overworked customers for $2.99 to $3.99. NYC's Duane Reade also carries the product, so now the city that doesn't sleep may get some rest. "Sleep doesn't discriminate" says Joseph Lekach, EVP of Sales and Biz development, They target a wide audience. "The economy has put a lot of stress on people's lives and they are having trouble falling asleep," he adds. "We are here to help your body find that natural sleep rhythm again".

This water is a combination of gaba, melatonin and tryptophan 5 HTP. The jury is still out on whether or not the stuff actually works. The ingredient listing only shows "proprietary blend" so there's no way of knowing how much of each of these ingredients can be found in each dosage and comparing it to other over the counter sleep remedies. So is it a supplement or a drink? The dosage is identical in the 2 sizes so whether you replace your beside water glass with an 8 oz. Dream of Kiwi & Plum or rush through airport security with your 2.5 oz Snoozeberry, you'll be getting the same amount of z's.

On a quest for the ever elusive sleep, we'll be kicking back some Lullaby lemon tonight and hoping for some sweet dreams.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.