Burger King and Ronald McDonald vs. Workers in Rap Battle on South Beach

Tomorrow afternoon, two rivals in the fast food world will get together for one day in a battle that pits greedy corporate giants against the workers of America.

For one day only, Ronald McDonald and Burger King will team up in a rap battle against two of their own employees. At stake: a fair working wage and dignity.

It all goes down near the McDonald's at 400 Lincoln Road in South Beach on Thursday, December 5 at 4 p.m.

No, you're not going slightly nutso here. The rap battle of the fast food giants is Miami Beach's answer to the mass strikes and protests scheduled across the country tomorrow as fast food workers take to the streets to demand a fair wage for the jobs they do. Employees from McDonald's, Miami-based Burger King, and other fast food chains are asking for an increase in their hourly wage to $15 and the right to unionize.

In South Beach, local rappers, dressed as the King and the Clown will take on two employees in a musical battle to settle their "beef" once and for all. As organizers from "Low Pay is Not OK" say, "Is it OK for Ronald and The King to brush their teeth with diamond brush bristles while the workers they employ struggle to put enough money together to pay rent, buy groceries, and survive?"

In addition to the rap battle, there will be an old-fashioned picket and the public is invited to come out in a show of solidarity. One of the rap battle's organizers, Mohammed Malik, quoted Martin Luther King as a way to explain this most unusual form of protest, "Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere!"

Who will win this battle of words? Well, since we've never heard creepy Burger King speak in any of those commercials, we'll go with the employees. Watch the King and his employee trash talk each other here:

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