Brazilian Fire Food Truck Offers On-the-Go Rodizio Experience

Spending a couple hundred dollars for an all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse experience is no longer de rigueur. Brazilian Fire, a South Florida-born food truck, offers a rodizio-style meal that includes meat slow-cooked over all-natural wood coals in a kitchen-on-wheels about the size of a bedroom. 

"Most food trucks offer a new spin on fast foods such as burgers, sandwiches, and tacos or they focus on trendy food types such as vegan and organic," Carlos Silva says, Brazilian Fire's grill master. "We just decided to serve steak. And we serve the same quality meat that you would find in a fine dining establishment but in a truck."

The truck offers four different meal options, enough to feed one to two people. The menu includes three large slices; one slice of sirloin, one Brazilian sausage, and one chicken drum; three chicken drums; or three Brazilian sausages. All are served with bread rolls and salad and cost between $12 and $24. 

Priscilla Sawaya, owner of Brazilian Fire, believes the quality standards set them apart from other neighborhood trucks. "All of our meat is flame-grilled on a spit-over-natural-wood charcoal using only 100 percent natural ingredients to season the meats," she says. "We’ve seen food trucks that serve steak sandwiches and Philly cheesesteak, but to our knowledge, there aren’t any other food trucks that serve restaurant-style steak."

Sawaya says the difference between Brazilian-style meat and others is the cuts used and the methods of cooking. Each cut is hand-selected, seasoned with coarse salt, and then slow roasted, which keeps the meat juicy and tender regardless of a diner's preferred temperature. 

"We feel good knowing that the food we serve is minimally processed and all natural," she says. "Even though many of the meats are prepared the same way, you can taste the difference for each cut of meat. And when you go to an event with food trucks, you expect good food, but you don’t expect to be able to eat a steak that is cooked to your ideal doneness."

The inspiration behind Brazilian Fire came from a visit by longtime friends Sawaya and Silva to a local fair with their families. After a few hours of roaming, the group was hungry but wanted something better than typical fair food.

"There were a lot of fair foods, but nothing really healthy or satisfying," she says. "Initially, we were joking saying 'We should have a truck.' But then we thought it could actually be a good idea. At the time, our catering company was still new and we thought a food truck could potentially help us expand our business and generate income."

The idea is an extension of the group's catering company, which services weddings, corporate events, and other gatherings around South Florida and throughout the state. Sawaya and Silva say a pop-up is in the near future, but there is no projected date yet. 

Brazilian Fire can be found at Wynwood's art walk, Saturdays at Haulover Beach, and other locations posted on its Facebook page. For more information, call 786-420-2240 or visit brazilianfire.com.

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