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Brad and Soraya Kilgore Leave Exit 1 and Route 9

Well, that was quick.

Two months after joining Jeremy and Paola Goldberg as partners in the eateries Exit 1 and Route 9, Brad and Soraya Kilgore have announced that they are no longer associated with either of the restaurants.

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The review for the Key Biscayne joint, which was published just two weeks ago, was, in fact, entitled "Exit Now." Call it psychic premonition or just plain coincidence. This departure seems awfully sudden.

When we visited the restaurant, there were far too many mistakes in the cuisine and the service. It put a damper on what was expected of Kilgore, the eatery's star chef. (He has, after all, experience at Michelin-rated eateries like Alinea with Grant Achatz and L20 with Laurent Gras, as well as at Azul at the Mandarin Oriental).

Kilgore made the big announcement on Tuesday night via Twitter:

Shortly thereafter, the tweet was picked up by and Eater.

But there's more.

Last night, 50 Eggs CEO John Kunkel tweeted at the chef:

Could this be the beginning of a 50 Eggs-Kilgore collaboration? Only time will tell.

Kilgore is a talented toque, and has the potential to become a great chef. A match with one of the city's most successful, adroit restaurant groups could help with that. And, with the right team, Kilgore is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Short Order has made attempts to contact Jeremy Goldberg at Exit 1, as well as Kilgore, but still has not heard back.

We will keep you posted as we learn more.

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