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Celebrate Bourdain Day by Visiting His Favorite Miami Haunts

Anthony BourdainEXPAND
Anthony Bourdain
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On June 8, 2018, the world was saddened by the news of Anthony Bourdain's death. The chef, who turned an article in the New Yorker into a writing and television career, was 61 when he was found by his close friend and fellow chef Éric Ripert.

A few weeks back, Ripert, joined by José Andrés, proclaimed June 25 as Anthony Bourdain Day. On what would be Bourdain's birthday, the chefs asked that the world remember him by "taking a moment to post and share tributes and memories using #BourdainDay to wish him peace, love, and a happy birthday on his journey."

The two chefs proved Bourdain Day isn't just another lip service excuse to post an Instagram. Last week, they announced the Anthony Bourdain Legacy Scholarship in partnership with the Culinary Institute of America, which will fund students' study-abroad experiences. Bourdain graduated from the CIA in 1978.

This morning, as promised, Ripert and Andrés posted a short video to celebrate Bourdain Day. In it, they toasted their friend from a restaurant in Singapore.

If you're in Miami, there are plenty of places to celebrate Bourdain Day. Bourdain had a long love affair with our city, filming segments of his shows No Reservations, The Layover, and Parts Unknown here. He made frequent appearances at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, got inked at Love Hate Tattoo, and drank at Mac's Club Deuce. Though the tourist version of Miami might have sounded like a disconnect for the chef, Bourdain recognized that if you scratch at that pink neon facade, you'll find a world of Cocaine Cowboys, dive bars, and small eateries under the surface.

So, go to a dive bar today, crack open a PBR, and celebrate Bourdain Day. Though it was cut short, Bourdain's was a life well lived.

Celebrate Bourdain Day by Visiting His Favorite Miami HauntsEXPAND
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Mac's Club Deuce. In a 2006 episode of No Reservations, Bourdain called the dive one of his "favorite places on Earth." The bar, a complete throwback to another era, was the sort of spot Bourdain sought out — a smoke-filled place to get out of the searing sun and down a few cheap beers. When owner Mac Klein died at the age of 101, Bourdain posted his condolences on social media. 222 14th St., Miami Beach; 305-531-6200.

Captain Jim's
Photo by Michael Campina

Captain Jim's Seafood Market & Restaurant. Bourdain dined at this North Miami restaurant with documentary filmmakers Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman to chat about Miami's long history of drug lords and cocaine runs. The trio bonded over beer and stone crabs. When Bourdain died, Corben tweeted a picture from the shoot, saying, "I don’t drink beer, but @Bourdain once invited @AlfredSpellman and I out for a beer. I drank beer that day. #RIP." 2950 W. Dixie Hwy., North Miami; 305-892-2812; captainjimsmiami.com.
Islas Canarias Café Restaurant & Bakery. There's nothing more Miami than a trip to Islas Canarias. That's where James Beard-winning chef Michelle Bernstein took Bourdain for his show Parts Unknown. Together, they ate croquetas, pastelitos, and a medianoche. 3804 SW 137th Ave., Miami; 305-559-0111; islascanariasrestaurant.com.

Chef Richard Hales
Chef Richard Hales
Richard Hales

Sakaya Kitchen. In 2011, Bourdain filmed a segment of The Layover from chef Richard Hales' food truck, Dim Ssam a Gogo, with James Beard winner Michael Schwartz serving as his guide. The shoot didn't exactly go as planned, though, with the original location being leaked on social media. The production crew hastily changed locations at the last minute to Tropical Park. Fans wanting to eat like Bourdain can find the same pork buns, tots, and Brussels sprouts from the food truck at Hales' Midtown eatery, Sakaya Kitchen. 3401 N. Miami Ave., #125, Miami, 305-576-8096; sakayakitchen.com.
La Perrada de Edgar. Bourdain filmed several show segments in Miami in the summer of 2011. New Times had found out about the shoot at La Perrada de Edgar, and I spent the afternoon hiding in shrubs to get a photo of Bourdain peeling out of the restaurant in a red Corvette convertible. Bourdain filmed a segment at the small Miami Beach shop that offers colombianos. If you want to replicate that afternoon, rent a hot car and order the Edgar Special, which tops a hot dog with mozzarella cheese, pineapple, blackberry, plum, special sauce, and whipped cream ($5.50). 6976 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-866-4546; laperradadeedgar.com.

Love Hate Tattoo. In an episode of the reality show Miami Ink, Bourdain walks into Love Hate to get a tattoo from Chris Garver. Calling his current tattoo of a snake eating its own tail "too optimistic," Bourdain asks for a "slightly annoyed" skull, then explains that when chefs go to the restaurant of someone they respect, they hand over the controls with the expectation that the chef knows what they are doing. Bourdain gave similar respect to Garver, who inked Tony. "I love it; Mom will hate it," quipped Bourdain. 1360 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-531-4556; lovehatetattoos.com.

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