Befitting motto: "slow down, and jam on"
Befitting motto: "slow down, and jam on"

Bourbon Apple Butter Jam and More: Copperpot's Holiday Jam Packs

A mere two months ago, IT day-jobbers ;Tom Wilfong and Vanessa Safie started a little jam making enterprise in their Kendall home kitchen.. Since then, it has quickly grown into a miniature company - one that just might (we hope) topple Smucker's. Made with all natural, preservative-free and local ingredients, Copperpot's jams are undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) jam we've ever had.

Let's tap into your imaginary taste sense with their jam varieties:

  • Apple Butter
  • Apple Sauce
  • Bourbon Apple Butter (While its popularity was completely unexpected, Copperpot's said this was their most difficult recipe to perfect.)
  • Jalapeno Jam
  • Pineapple Five Spice
  • Red Onion Marmalade
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Sweet n' Spicy (candied jalapeños)

As their own self-proclaimed harshest critics, Safie confessed that her favorite is Pineapple Five Spice, "I love [it] so much that I scrape the pot clean when I cook it". Wilfong confessed his, "Apple Butter. I love that when you take a bite of the apple butter it screams apple in your mouth". (By the way, if we had to choose one, we'd take a lifetime supply of Strawberry Jam. The cleanest and freshest tasting jam one will likely every experience).

The best way for you to understand (and ultimately agree) with our Smucker-stomping hoorah for the new local jammers is to invest in a holiday gift basket - or as we prefer to call them "jam packs."

Here are the jam pack details:

Pack #1 - two 8 oz. jars of jam/marmalade of your choice - $25
Pack #2 - four 4 oz. jars of jam/marmalade of your choice - $35
Pack #3 - six 4 oz. jars of jam/marmalade of your choice - $45

Perfect "to me, from me" gifts! Though in all seriousness, we fully support being completely stingy or completely generous with these. Both options have a winner - you can't go wrong.

Copperpot's will ship outside of Miami if you need (of course additional shipping cost will depend on where the pack is going) just remember to order by December 18. For Miami-Dade and Broward dwellers, Copperpot's will arrange pickup or delivery directly to you and ask that you order by December 20 to ensure by-Christmas-day delivery.

If you'd rather walk in and grab a few jars on your own, Copperpot's products can also be found at Sweetness Bake Shop and Cafe (9549 SW 72nd Street). We were lucky enough to catch Copperpot's owners at last Sunday's Indie Craft Market on SoBe, but the couple won't be making any more farmer's market appearances until early next year. Needless to say when we arrived, all of the vendors were closing up shop and Copperpot's was near completely sold out - if you don't trust us, at least trust the people.

One last thing before we sign off: we asked Safie and Wilfong where the name Copperpot's came from. "Comes from the movie The Goonies. Chester Copperpot is an explorer/treasure hunter. It really fit because from the beginning this has been an exploration for us."

Visit their for more info.

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