Blue Collar's Danny Serfer Lists His Five Favorite Restaurants in Miami

Danny Serfer gets a lot of love. Blue Collar fans rave over the tiny restaurant's $16 veggie plate. They also laud his less salubrious offerings: vaca frita-topped tostones, wild Florida shrimp jambalaya, and the famed "Corben" -- a heaping portion of brisket, Portuguese muffins, jus, latkes, and apple sauce.

When Serfer isn't at work, he seeks out an eclectic variety of foods. Here, in his words, are his five favorite restaurants in Miami.

1. Naoe: "Easily the best dining experience in all of Miami. It's expensive but definitely worth it. Kevin Cory's food is tops, and Wendi exudes genuine warmth and hospitality."

2. Josh's Deli: "Amazing eats, and I get to hang with my buddy Joshua Marcus. I also get to steal stuff from his walls and hang them in my place, like his matzo ball soup award."

3. Eating House: "My bro Giorgio Rapicavoli does incredible combos there. I particularly like everything he does with scallops."

4. Sakaya Kitchen: "I've been eating there since it opened, back when Richard Hales invented the midtown area. Now I live in midtown, so it makes sense for me to eat there. And it's delicious."

5. Wolfgang's Steakhouse: "A great piece of steak is pretty much all I ever want to eat. This place has the best dry-aged steak in Miami."

"P.S. I really miss Red Light Little River. Everything on the menu there was a winner."

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