The express window serves customers all night long.EXPAND
The express window serves customers all night long.
Courtesy of Bagel Cove

Bagel Cove in Aventura Is Now Open 24 Hours

When hunger strikes in the middle of the night, there is more than Steve's Pizza to satisfy your cravings. Bagel Cove, a New York-style delicatessen at 190th Street and Biscayne Boulevard in Aventura, is now open 24 hours a day.

The restaurant, which opened in the early 1990s, recently extended its hours to cater to a younger clientele. That means once its dining room closes at 4 p.m., its take-out window opens for business, where customers can ring a bell for on-demand service. From corned beef sandwiches to garnished bagels and soup, much of Bagel Cove's menu is available to order at its express window, but prices remain the same as when there's waitstaff.

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Courtesy of Bagel Cove

On a recent early Sunday morning around 3 a.m., Bagel Cove gleamed with a warm hue from rows of garden lights strung across its front patio. A group of college kids crowded the take-out window, a common occurrence that now happens most weekend nights.

Among them, Sasha Murakhovsky, a 22-year-old with bouncy, shoulder-length brunette hair, rang a small doorbell on the left side of the window, similar to a Cuban-style ventanita. Behind the clear glass were metal baskets stocked with hand-rolled bagels and buckets of cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, capers, lox, and lettuce.

A few seconds later, a man opened the window and took Murakhovsky’s lox bagel order, which cost $12.95. He was manning the 24-hour window by himself and filling other orders of smeared bagels and warm matzoh ball soup.

Bagel Cove in Aventura Is Now Open 24 HoursEXPAND
Courtesy of Bagel Cove

“The parking lot was nearly empty,” she says. “Less than ten minutes after ordering, I was eating a scooped everything bagel with scallion cream cheese, tomatoes, lox, and onions. The only downside was the price, but it was worth it.”

Besides minor upgrades inside Bagel Cove’s dining room, including new tables, chairs, and wall decor, the restaurant’s main renovation, which took place in late fall/early winter 2016, was on its patio. There is new furniture — including low-slung couches, glossy tables, and chairs — plus the small garden lights glimmering from overhead wood beams.

The 24-hour express window is open daily from 4 p.m. till around 6:30 a.m. the following day, when the full-service restaurant reopens.

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