Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies and Other Kooky Recipes

If you haven't stuffed your face with enough cookies yet this holiday season, we have just the treats for you. These recipes will bring a smile to your face and a question to your lips: Whynhell would anyone really want to try these sweets?

Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip and Bean Cookies
A cookie made with beans? Oh yeah, that sounds yummy. You might want to stay away from these little suckers that are filled with oats, beans and chocolate unless you plan on clearing the room.

Deep Dark Black Forrest Cookies
Well, the name really doesn't say much of what these cookies contain, but they are mixed with chocolate morsels and dried cranberries and nuts to give them that almost fruitcake like texture. Why they are called "black forrest?" We can't really understand that either.

Molasses Crinkles Cookies
Does anyone else think of a wrinkly old face when they read this title? Perhaps that's the intention, since it's considered to be an "old fashioned" recipe. Mix up some molasses, cinnamon, cloves and lots of sugar and you'll have a bonafide sugar high in no time.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
Seriously who doesn't love to put bacon into, well everything? Mix up your sugar, flour, chocolate chips with a cup of bacon bits and you are ready for a delicious snack suitable for even breakfast.

Butterscotch-Potato Chip Cookies
And you thought the bacon cookies were the culprit of your carotid artery. Crush up two cups of your favorite potato chips and dump it into the bowl with the cup of butter, sugar and butterscotch chips and say goodbye to that waistline.

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Carissa Chesanek
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