79 Cent Beef or Bean Tacos on Monday at Taco Rico on South Beach

The Monday special at Taco Rico's Miami Beach location (1608 Alton Road) is 79 cent tacos, beef or bean, soft or crunchy. One of three outposts, the original Taco Rico on US1 around 42 Ave will forever be remembered for its victory in the Battle of Dixie Hwy.

Back in the last part of last century the Texas Taco Factory opened up shop right next door to Taco Rico. It had more tables, more space and a corporate gleam in its eye. The great taco wars raged on for years. Habanero salsa rained from the sky. The parking lot stained red with the blood of a million tomatoes. A ghost dog danced around a sombrero. Customers came and went, and in the end their dollars decided. To the victor went the spoils, Taco Rico lives to fight another day and their Miami Beach and Pinecrest locations show a taco army that is growing in strength.

The 79 cent tacos pictured above were well executed. The shells were crunchy. The fillings were good, and they included one of those green herbs that makes stuff taste fresh. Service was on point. I mumbled my order, paid under 5 dollars on a debit card, sat far away for no reason, asked for a water cup and then filled it with Sprite from the fountain, and didn't leave a tip because I had no cash. Everybody was still nice to me.

Taco Rico we salute you. Log on to http://www.tacoricotexmexcafe.com/ for more info.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.