What Miami's Most Popular Cars Say About Their Owners

New car sales are up year-over-year this quarter in Miami-Dade, reflecting a national trend according to a report from Dominion Enterprises. As it turns out Miamians strongly prefer foreign cars, with 86 percent of all cars sold in the last quarter being foreign brands.

The report also revealed which cars are most popular in Miami. Here's what driving those cars might say about you.

Lexus RX350 - Miami's most popular subcompact SUV and most popular truck overall

"I need something that I can take my kids to soccer practice in, but isn't too embarrassing to valet at Houston's in the Gables."

Honda CR-V - Miami's most popular mid-size SUV and second most popular truck

"I take my kids to soccer practice, Boy Scout meetings, flute lessons and their therapy sessions. I really don't have time to go anywhere that requires valet anyway."

Land Rover Range Rover - Miami's most popular full-size SUV

"Kids, a high-paying job (or a spouse that does), and enough to time to go places where people will judge me based on what I drive. I really do have it all."

Honda Odyssey - Miami's most popular mini-van

"I also stock up on Mom jeans every time I go to Sawgrass Mills."

Mini - Miami's most popular compact

"I have an impeccably designed small apartment, a well-trained small dog, and a preference for dating very small-waisted people" or "Parallel parking in anything larger terrifies me."

Mercedes Benz 250 series - Miami's most popular luxury car

"The most important thing to me about my car is that it's considered a luxury car."

Porsche 911 - Miami's most popular sociality car

"Why yes, I frequently buy bottle service."

Chevrolet Camaro - Miami's most popular sporty car

"Midlife crisis? I'm not going through a midlife crisis. What are you talking about?"

The Tesla - Miami's most popular large car

"It feels good to be able to turn my nose down on Prius drivers."

The BMW 3 Series - Miami's fifth most popular car and most popular near-luxury car

"I've really succumbed to the pressure of Miami's status-obsessed lifestyle, but this is the most I could afford."

Honda Civic - Miami's third most popular car

"They had one of these in one of the Fast and Furious movies, right?"

Toyota Camry - Miami's second most popular car

"I needed a reliable, affordable car, and I really don't believe what I drive should be used as a measure of my self-worth."

Toyota Corolla - Miami's most popular car

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, same, except I want to feel just a little bit better than Camry drivers."

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