UM Law Professor, Once Accused of Soliciting a Prostitute, Drops Lawsuit Against Blog

In 2007, popular University of Miami Law Professor D. Marvin Jones was arrested for allegedly pulling up to an undercover cop in his 2004 Mercedes SL500 and offering her $20 for sex. Jones maintained his innocence, and the charges were quietly dropped. That should have been the end of that, but last month popular blog Above the Law (which bills itself as "a legal tabloid," and which you might remember from its part in the Miami White scandal), got a hold of the info and made a series of posts, milking it for gossipy fun. (Sample joke: " If you're looking to score some ass, why not stick to the U. Miami student body? At least they won't charge.")

Apparently rumors were flying around campus, and the story even made it to the student newspaper.

Last week Jones filed suit against Above the Law, alleging harm. But, today he turned in a terse dismissal notice, after many online commenters noted he didn't have much of a case. Unfortunately for Jones the lawsuit probably only brought greater attention to his arrest.

Jones has been on sabbatical since the beginning of the academic year, and his bio has been scrubbed from the School's website.

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