UM Basketball Still in the Running for Wall

A prized high school athlete who is drawing out his college decision and has a bit of legal trouble in his past? Why of course University of Miami is in the running to recruit him.

John Wall, one of the top high school point guards in the nation, has yet to make a decision on where he'll be playing basketball next year. The process may be prolonged some what due to some minor crime charges, and some questions over academic eligibility.

Wall, a Raleigh, NC native, was charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering. Police found him walking out of a vacant house. No theft or vandalism is suspected. Wall was not arrested, and was merely handed a citation. Would this have been almost any other college recruit in the nation, no one would have blinked an eye. But Wall's the top unsigned ball player in the nation.

As a fifth year prep senior, there's also some questions of academic eligibility.

It was reported today that Wall has narrowed down his choices to a list of four: Duke, Miami, Kentucky and Florida. Reportedly, Miami and Kentucky are the top two choices.

Will Miami shy away from the headline-grabbing, albeit minor, legal charges? Can they afford to? With Jack McClinton gone, U Basketball needs a star and Wall, by all accounts, has the potential to be one no matter where he plays.

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Kyle Munzenrieder