Trump Says He Wants to Host Next Year's G7 at His Doral Resort

Trump National Doral Miami
Trump National Doral Miami Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Donald Trump, a man who last week referred to himself as "the chosen one," is somehow still the president despite the fact he never gave up a controlling financial stake in his real-estate companies. You can just pay Trump a bunch of money whenever you want, and it sure seems like the president is willing to pay back favors to people who buy hotel rooms or condos at his properties.

But today the president took his staggering act of Monopoly-man-level corruption a step further: He said he wants to host next year's G7 Summit — a yearly gathering of the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Great Britain, and the United States — at his Miami-Dade golf resort, Trump National Doral Miami.

Trump spoke to a gaggle of reporters this morning after wrapping up this year's G7 in France. In a classic Trump-brain move, he seemed to care far less about the pressing world issues addressed at this year's summit than about the resort amenities and tiny shampoo bottles he experienced on his big-boy trip to France. In a media chat today, he bragged that his Doral resort — long rumored to be under consideration for the 2020 G7 meeting — is really close to Miami International Airport and a fun place to hang out:
Of course, his decision certainly has nothing to do with the fact that, per the Washington Post's David Fahrenthold, business at Trump Doral has been flagging since he became president. The only people who seemingly want to hang out there anymore are the sort of folks who want something from the Trump family, and though that's certainly a corrupt way to run both the country and your family real-estate empire, it's not actually a huge base of clients in the grand scheme of things.

Minus the potential G7 Summit, one of the biggest events set to happen at Trump Doral in the coming months will be the American Priority Conference, a fringe-conservative gathering where former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, felon Dinesh D'Souza, and Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz are supposed to speak.
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