The Cities of Florida, Ranked

After ranking all 34 cities within Miami-Dade County, we couldn't help but wonder where the major cities of Florida would stack up. So we decided to answer that question ourselves, naturally. Because what fun is the internet without arbitrary rankings?

So we assembled a list of Florida's most notable cities, choosing one per county based on population, but somehow that seemed a little lacking. So we invoked the Key West Rule to include a few cities that are technically small but still loom large in the state's identity.

Then we had to figure out how to rank them. First, we decided this list would not necessarily be based on the best places to live (so please know we are not attacking your choice of living arrangement). We instead decided to think of a few questions: Which cities are most important to Florida's identity? Which ones drag us down and contribute to our reputation as the craziest state in America? Which have their own notable identities, and which are basically interchangeable?

17. Port St. Lucie/Cape Coral/Palm Bay/Lakeland/Etc.

If you showed residents of one of these towns a picture of another one of these towns and told them it's their city, they'd believe you. Most of them have lived there less than ten years anyway.

16. Pensacola

East Alabama.

15. Daytona Beach

Biker Week, spring break, and NASCAR. The Holy Trinity of white-trash glamor.

This place's most notable export might be regrettable lower-back tattoos.

14. Panama City Beach

Technically an inferior Daytona, but at least it gave us the important video above.

PCB, baby!

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