Porn Star Suing Trump Comes to South Florida to Sell "Lewinsky Dress" From Tryst

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Update: Daniels attorneys are now disputing that the porn star plans to auction anything off at Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale. “There is no auction, let alone any dress being auctioned off," the attorneys say in a statement. They demanded Solid Gold's management stop advertising the event. For now, the club's Facebook page is still advertising the appearance, but any mention of the dress has been removed. In an email, Mark Lowe, who represents the club, wrote, "it looks disingenuous to be auctioning off a 'sex' dress for profits."

Stormy Daniels' attorney made the rounds on morning talk shows today to demolish any doubt about whether President Trump slept with the porn star while he was married to Melania. "Did she have a sexual relationship with the president?" a Today show host asked Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti. "Yes," he replied.

In fact, in a new lawsuit filed last night seeking to toss out the nondisclosure agreement she signed in exchange for $130,000 from Trump's personal lawyer, Daniels says she kept "tangible items, photos, and images" proving she had a tryst with Trump in Lake Tahoe in 2006 — the year Trump's son Barron was born.

Among those items, Daniels says, is a "Lewinsky dress" from the night of the encounter, complete with, uh, "stains." Although Avenatti insisted on this morning's talk shows that Daniels isn't trying to profit off her long-ago affair and alleged hush money from the president, she's heading to South Florida this weekend to auction off that alleged sex dress.

Daniels is scheduled to appear Friday and Saturday at Solid Gold Gentlemen's Club in Fort Lauderdale, where she says she'll auction off the dress live onstage at midnight. But don't worry — a "portion of the proceeds" will be donated "to the #METOO movement," she says in a release.

"The dress is 'THE DRESS,' from the night of the alleged sexual encounter between Daniels and... President Trump, and yes, the dress is allegedly stained," Daniels' camp says in a news release.

Yes, it's difficult to square Daniels' plans in Miami with Avenatti's response when pushed on CBS This Morning about whether the lawsuit is a "publicity stunt."

But such is the sordid nature of the Trump presidency that serious newspeople have to seriously consider the allegations of a porn star like Daniels. After all, the president's personal attorney has admitted to giving her $130,000 in hush money. Some members of Congress are pushing for a full investigation into whether those payments broke campaign finance laws.

Daniels' claims are very much news, and her lawsuit could be a real headache for Trump. If she succeeds in getting her NDA thrown out in court — and Avenatti claims it's void because Trump never signed it — she could release much more embarrassing evidence than just a supposedly stained dress.

But in the meantime, you're welcome to pop by Solid Gold this weekend to see Daniels on her This Pussy Grabbed Back Mr. President: World Tour, because this is America in 2018 and we live in Hell.
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