Seven Practical Financial Tips From Trina Lyrics

Trina has basically become the Suze Orman of the rap game.

"Da Baddest Bitch" broke onto the scene on a Trick Daddy track, detailing what she would do to "five or six best friends," but the Miami rapper has since traded in her porno-grade lyrics for a new obsession: money. To wit, she recently released her latest single, "Money Ain't a Problem." Sure, she mostly likes to rap about how she spends that money, but her discography is peppered with practical financial tips and advice that even bitches who aren't the baddest can use.

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Always Make Sure You Save to Buy Property

"I got game for young hoes / Don't grow to be a dumb ho, that's a no-no / See if you off the chains / Stay ahead of the game / Save up, buy a condo" -- "Da Baddest Bitch"

Spending all your cash on smaller purchases that provide instant gratification is foolish. Trina knows that even young hoes need to save money and think about their long-term financial health, with an ultimate eye on buying property. After all, it is better to own than rent.

Use Apps and Technology to Manage Your Money

"Walkin' through the airport / Like I'm in a parade / On my hologram / Loggin' on to E-Trade" -- "5 Star Chick (Remix)"

While most of us don't have access to portable hologram machines that have internet access, we do have smartphones. Which means that even when you're busy -- say, traveling around the world -- you still have time to log in and check your stocks and bank accounts. However, as a warning, managing your own stocks can be a tricky proposition for those of us without Trina's business acumen. But there are several apps available that can help you manage your money.

Never Write Checks You Can't Cash

"The bank account full, I got workers / The bank account full, so much money in it / I could write a million checks and bet the check won't fucking dent it" -- "Money Ain't a Problem"

While this seems obvious, many of us continue to spend money we just don't have. Trina, of course, can write approximately 5,000 boxes' worth of checks because she knows she can without having to even stress about it.

Better Yourself Through Employment

"Fuck all y'all haters / Fuck all y'all bitches, get a life / You got too much times on your hands / I want y'all bitches to get a job / Up your game / pimp your game up baby" -- "B R Bright"

Again, this seems obvious, but so many people fail to realize that the best way to earn money is through steady employment. Trina, however, sees a career not only as a way to pay the bills but also as a path that can lead to overall improvement of oneself as a person.

Major Money Takes Major Hard Work

"Do you really wanna know what hard work is? / Ask me and I'll tell you. / From nothing to something. / If there is a will there is a way. / Traveling city to city, state to state. / Non stop shows, interviews all over the globe. I am Miami" -- "Amazin'"

And if you want that Trina money, you gotta work hard. How many rap chicks from the late '90s are still standing? Trina isn't about any get-rich schemes. She's not living off the residuals of one hit. She's out there hustling, working hard.

Surround Yourself With Other Financially Stable People

"I roll with CEO and stock broker n*ggas / While you be riding around town with the brokest n*ggas / Im filthy rich my money talk loud as shit / I don't hear you hoes, here let me turn it down a bit" -- "That's My Attitude"

The crowd you choose to surround yourself with says a lot about you. Hanging out with other financially responsible people will in turn up your own financial responsibility. Hanging out with broke people might lead you to file for bankruptcy, even if it's just because you end up paying for everything. Ask MC Hammer about that.

And Never Date Someone Who Is Broke

"You gotta have a J-O-B to be with me / Best believe I'm going diamond on my next LP" -- "Get This Money"

This financial theory was, of course, pioneered by the economists of Destiny's Child, but Trina clearly agrees the quickest way for a Diamond Princess to turn into a Cubic Zirconia Princess is to support a broke man.

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