Sí Se Puede ...Change The Facebook Layout

Jessica Fishbein, a 37 year-old Miami high school English teacher, is leading a protest against Facebook, but not for the reasons you might think (like, too many students superpoking each other on iPhones, in the middle of a very serious discussion on the oxford comma). She hates the new layout, and is encouraging people to boycott the social networking site next weekend.

As a leader of the Facebook group "1,000,000 against the new Facebook layout", she's been chatting with media folks lately to spread her valiant message, including The LA Times' Technology blog, today:

"The members of our group want action," she said. "They want to take a stand to make a statement to show that we are still on Facebook, we are not leaving necessarily, but Facebook really needs to listen to our feedback and make some adjustments."

As for the instructions for the protest:

By 11:59 PM (in your region) on 17 October -- be sure to log off. Do not log back in no matter how tempting until 12:00 AM (in your region) 20 October.

On 20 October we all log back in and see if there has been a response of any kind. A blog, a post.... anything. If not, we repeat the process...

Fishbien could use her flair for protest for more pressing causes, but personally after a week's worth blogging, I'm all for ignoring Facebook for a weekend, whether it's for a "cause" or not.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.