Riptide's Comments of the Week, 8/16-9/20

Another week is over. And so it's time to reflect on this week's best comments. Here is a list, in no specific order, of the best mouth-offs from the past five days.

Thank you readers. And keep 'em coming.

1. Riptide blogged about an advertisement that promised to kick the queer out of your son.

After reading the blog post, "Corinna Cohn" commented,

Karate makes you gay.

2. John Mayer has promised to wear a Clevevland Cavaliers jersey at his upcoming South Florida concert.

"J*Sanchez" had this reaction.

"Because pussies don't like sports, and only pussies listen to John Mayer."

3. We reported on Rick Scott's recently released advertisement regarding the Ground Zero mosque.

"Lee" wanted to use his comment on the blog post as a way of giving Rick Scott some props.

You have to appreciate Rick Scott. I mean, he says, hey, I'm full of shit. He doesn't try to hide it. I can appreciate that.

4. Riptide noted that iPhone users have a lot more sex than Android and Blackberry users.

"arale norimaki" commented,

your hand does not count

5. A Tea Party candidate wants to throw illegal immigrants in 1940s-style camps.

This encouraged "ARALE NORIMAKI" to comment,

Oh, fun! I love Mexicans! Some say they're essential to our economy.

Others say they're a drain on our resources. All I know is, burritos are


Congrats Arale, you made our list twice this week.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.