Rick Sanchez's Non-Triumphant Return to Twitter

Rick Sanchez may be off the air, but he's back on the medium he truly loves: Twitter. Integrating messages from the microblogging service became his trademark at CNN, so obviously he could not stay away from the Twitter machine for long. He didn't get his old account in his severance with CNN, but has started a new one to promote his book and give us incites into his sad new life.

Over at his old account @ricksanchezcnn, he had 145,818 followers. At his new account, @RicksBook, he's got all of 708 so far.

Besides trying to pimp out his new book, Conventional Idiocy, he Tweets about his life. So what does a fired CNN anchor do with his new free time? Going for jogs, watching Dolphins games, and attending Hummingbird festivals.

He's also really sad he didn't get to attend the Chilean miners saga.

Uh, "La Ka, La Ka, La Ka" is what they call speaking Spanish and English at CNN? Maybe Sanchez wasn't the only one who had problems with ethnic insensitivity at the network.

Anyway, be sure to follow Rick for his inevitable announcement that he's returning to WSVN. Just kidding. We think?

[Wonkette: Rick Sanchez Still Alive, On Twitter]

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Kyle Munzenrieder