Real Housewives' Marysol Patton Already Has Mother-Daughter DUI Drama

The latest incarnation of Bravo's signature shit show, Real Housewives of Miami, hasn't even begun airing yet, but one cast member and her self-proclaimed "witch" of a mother have already stirred up the show's first scandal for getting matching mother-daughter DUIs. Marysol Patton, a cast member and prominent local PR queen, was charged with a DUI in January 2010 while her mother caught the same charges back in October. Then in jail she befriended a hooker.

Radar Online reports that Marysol Patton, the 44-year-old president of The Patton Group Public Relations, Marketing & Events, was arrested for a DUI in January 2010. Though, she latter pled guilty to the lesser crime of reckless driving and walked away with paying $1581.

Weirder than that arrest, and well, most things in general is the DUI arrest of her mother Elsa Patton.

Elsa seems to feature prominently in the show, and Bravo honcho Andy Cohen has already said he's "obsessed" with her. She claims to have magic powers to see into the future and calls herself a "seer" or apparently sometimes a "witch" -- which is truly amazing, and so is Raven.

She got popped for a DUI back in October, but had the charges dismissed when the officer failed to show up to court.

Though a source tells Scene in the Tropics that she wasn't even drunk, she just naturally seems like that:

She was pulled over for a broken light and and, because she's old, her hands shake," says our well connected source. She also has a handicapped tag because of a bad knee. Add to that the fact that Patton indulged in one of her favorite pasttimes--a laser peel--earlier that day, and, well, red face, shaky hands, a few martinis and what would you think?
After the arrest, she was taken to jail where she apparently befriended a hooker and gave her $50 and a ride home after they both got out of the slammer.

Watch out Sofia Petrillo, Miami may have a new favorite ornery mother.

As for Real Housewives of Miami, the show premiers on February 22, and unless the ladies get in more legal trouble, you can read all about on our gossipy little sister Cultist.

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Kyle Munzenrieder