Publix Pulls Free Calendars After Including Islamic New Year

For years Publix has been giving away free calendars to its costumers as a simple little thank you.

This was nice and all until Jeff Katz and Joyce Kaufman, conservative blowhards on 850WFTL, complained that December 7th was marked as Islamic New Years, and not as Pearl Harbor Day.

That's the problem with talk radio isn't it? They have three hours each day to fill with outrage, so they will literally be outraged at anything.

According to Snopes this set off an email chain that included the following warning:

Let Publix know that you will not tolerate this un-American attitude and boycott their stores. You can inform them that your shopping will be done at Walmart, Target and Winn Dixie, who recognize Americans and their fighting men and women. And, they are also cheaper than Publix.

Now no one will get free calendars! Way to go guys! George Washington's tears of joy are pouring down from Heaven!

Publix issued a statement today saying that it has never included Pearl Harbor Day because it is not even actually a national holiday at all. Though it has always included Islamic New Years, and it's not their fault the Muslims have some weird calendar system. They also added that the vast majority of calendars don't include Pearl Harbor Day.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.