Ping pong, or as the Chinese say: "Ping pong"

Since it became an Olympic Sport in 1988, America has never won a medal in table tennis. It's the kind of thing that makes Eagles cry. All we really have to our credit is making the definitive movie of the sport, Balls of Fury. But that's the effort of Hollywood, Ca.

Hollywood, Fl, on the other hand, is setting its aspirations a bit higher with the opening of a a 14,700 sq. ft table tennis training facility that will be among the best in the country.

Broward Tennis Tables Club offers leagues and lessons for amateurs and ping pong professionals alike. This place has all your training needs. Everything from weight rooms to work out those paddling muscles to two table tennis training robots. FRIGGIN' ROBOTS! So you know they're serious, and won't sit back ideally and allow this continued international embarrassment of America.

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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