News Roundup

  • Commissioner Marc Sarnoff thinks Miami 21 might make a repeat appearance this fall. [SFBJ]
  • A Miami man was shopping at his local Publix (5715 NW Seventh St.) when some idiot managers thought he stole some eye drops. So they made him go into the bathroom and take off his clothes. I don't know why anyone would comply with that, but this guy did and now he's suing. [CBS4]
  • Concrete is being poured for our future Marlins stadium! Meanwhile, we still have no money for the arts. [Herald]
  • A group of men dressed as cops tried to abduct another man in Hialeah. The suspects were all in their 30s and still somehow thought this was an excellent idea. [CBS4]
  • James Burnett has a new column. His first installment is about inner-city kids using a library. OK. [Herald]
  • "Trio's website may hold TV's future." After reading this story, I'm pretty sure it won't, but the Herald might want to do a story about some website that might hold journalism's future. [Herald]
  • Some local ad agency that is not Crispin Porter is expanding to New York. [Herald]
  • The body of a soldier killed in Afghanistan arrived in Homestead. [CBS4]

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